The Transition to Best-in-Class Cybersecurity

The Transition to Best-in-Class Cybersecurity

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Evolving cybersecurity threats have put the information security industry on high alert. Ever more sophisticated cyber attacks have placed the data and the assets of enterprises, individuals, and governments at constant risk. As the cybercrime epidemic risks faith and personal privacy, the industry continues to suffer from cybersecurity experts and professionals. Cybercrime is here to stay with the increasing dependency of enterprises on technology. As these attacks become more common, the organization must set in place a modern, flexible security strategy.

The widely used and most trusted applications are popular and potential entry points for malicious attackers to introduce malicious codes onto targeted systems. Hackers are exploiting the inherent vulnerabilities of these applications, typically with a link or document that presents itself as a legitimate one. It fools people into clicking on that link which is followed by installation of malware and exposure of sensitive data. Remediating this malicious code and removing it from the system is a complicated process.

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Machine learning solutions are considered as the most advanced and reliable methods to identify malicious codes available today. They look at a system, search for malware, and eliminate threats upon discovery. ML solution ensures higher threat detection rate, but its soft spot is that rather than providing proactive protection, it responds after attack takes place. It cannot be an effective method against the emerging threat landscape.

In most of the organizations, the awareness of cyber attacks is increased due to high-profile incidents that happened over the last few years. To help enterprises overcome such paralysis, investment in security is essential. Classifying assets according to their strategic importance, considering regulatory compliances can make sense. Incorporating all aspects of an enterprise including personnel education, processes, procedures, and technical strategies could proactively contribute to cybersecurity. No amount of security measures can make an enterprise hundred percent secure. So it is essential to be prepared to act when things go sideways. Embracing best practices can always give organizations a flying start when it comes to enhancing enterprise level cybersecurity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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