The opportunity of Facial Recognition Technology in the Security...

The opportunity of Facial Recognition Technology in the Security Department

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 22, 2019

The facial recognition application can benefit the security department immensely if they pursue it without hindering the privacy of the citizens. The application can recognize face instantly and also accurately.

FREMONT, CA: The advancement of technology has made life easier for the security department. Also, it has allowed them to investigate severe cases quickly and also catch the criminal and suspected criminals efficiently. One of the latest technologies is the facial recognition application, as it can help the investigating officers to recognize the criminals instantly and also solve their cases more quickly and proficiently.

There are several benefits of facial recognition solutions for the security department, but they have to use it by maintaining the privacy of ordinary people. Over here are some of the benefits that facial recognition tech can provide to the investigators to maintain the safety and security of the people.

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 1. Enhance Security

The first thing that can be mentioned about the facial recognition tool is its capability to enhance security. It will become much easier to track down any thieves, burglars, or other trespassers with facial recognition.

Identification of terrorists and other criminals will become easy with the help of a face scan. Additionally, the best part about the face recognition app is that it cannot be hacked as there is nothing to steal or change, such as a password.

 2. Faster Processing

Another massive benefit of face recognition is it takes less than a second to recognize a face. Therefore the investigating officers can do their work rapidly and more efficiently.

In this era of cyberattacks, security officials need a fast application and one that the hackers cannot misuse. The facial recognition can serve both the purpose of the officers as it can verify a person instantly and also cannot be hacked.

3. Automation of Identification

Earlier security guards had to perform manual identification of a person, and that used to consume too much time. The traditional method also does not have any guarantee of accuracy.

The level of accuracy has got an instant boost with the 3D facial recognition technology and infrared cameras.

The facial recognition technology is a powerful application, but it is necessary to use it wisely, and it can help to enhance the security system and also track down trespassers.

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