The Life-Saving Combination of AI and National Security

The Life-Saving Combination of AI and National Security

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

National SecurityCountries need to protect the robust private sector AI ecosystem from attacks and damaging investment. They should leverage partner nation resources by working with the partners having common objectives, equipment, and data-sharing agreements while building that camaraderie.

FREMONT, CA: In the rapidly shifting world, artificial intelligence (AI) is a frequently used terminology that is not always very clear to understand. The AI applications these days are being rapidly adopted, and it is essential to understand what technology means.

Countries have engaged themselves with the different strategic and international studies to recognize the national strategies and implications of AI for governments and industry. The studies develop an independent report on AI and its potential impacts on national security as well as national security policy. AI helps in maintaining national security, analyses the frameworks of the ethical usage of the tech, adopt challenges, operations, and universal approaches in the national security domain.

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AI helps in understanding the importance as well as the necessity of transparency throughout operations, so enables views as application-specific. Trust is built on the crossroads of the algorithms, data, and outcomes generated by AI. The users need to understand the mechanisms by which a system can be spoofed.


A strong and flexible digital capability requires balancing development, operations, and safety altogether. It is critical to have a culture of network risk management and cybersecurity ownership all the way through and across organizations.


The application of AI needs a skilled and educated workforce with domain expertise, technical training, and appropriate tools. Companies can cultivate a culture of data excellence, and using ML can be a significant aspect that can boost the experimentation along with an early sub-optimal performance.

Digital Abilities:

Organizations should create the foundational digital capability to effectively apply AI technologies like database management and information integration to pay down the tech debt. By achieving competitive advantage via information and analytics, it becomes an enterprise-wide endeavor from headquarters to the deployed warfighter.

The Course of Action:

AI implementation in national security must abide by the ethical policies and standards guides of the application technologies. AI tools are the priority when it comes to building trust, security, validation, and verification that can address the high threshold of many government applications.

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