The Future of Public Safety: What Role Do Technologies Have?

The Future of Public Safety: What Role Do Technologies Have?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, September 14, 2020

Emerging technologies are realigning how public safety agencies think about and enhance security and public safety today.

FREMONT, CA: Governments often try and make do with existing systems, often delaying investments in technology because of the expense they might want to reconsider their approach. Given the price of the crime t economy, public safety management technology is one investment that can save a government significant money and effort. As part of smart government initiatives, government agencies are developing a smarter approach to public safety management that uses innovative technology to develop competencies to do their job more effectively. Here is how.

Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019From smart surveillance to predictive policing, technologies promise public entities the possibility of enhanced public safety in a variety of applications. The right technology provides public safety agencies with an accurate overview of instances, enabling them to effectively manage their operations and efficiently coordinate resources. To create efficient, paperless processes, law enforcement agencies today are using mobile office solutions, letting officers verify people’s IDs in the field – and avoiding the need to drive back to the station. It increases efficiency, offers greater transparency, and frees up time for other critical public safety tasks.

Additionally, biometric devices can identify people based on fingerprints, facial features, iris patterns, voiceprints, and human thermal signatures. Back-end systems in public safety agencies can compare these features to a database of known individuals for recognition. Apart from this, agencies are also using predictive policing for analyzing crime statistics, weather patterns, and other geographic information that can help law enforcement use resources more efficiently and improve public safety. This analysis can also help in identifying predictive hot spots, putting force in locations where crime patterns have been found. It also can help police arriving at crime scenes better prepared to address a scenario.

While video surveillance has been around here for decades, new audio capabilities are making it more effective, actionable, and connected to public safety systems.  With smart video and audio capabilities, improvements to public safety initiatives can be made, including detecting vehicle license tags. Special high-resolution cameras can even search for potential suspects as well.

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