The Call for a Digital Government

The Call for a Digital Government

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It is impractical to work on reliable systems independently without digitizing transactions and utilizing valuable insights driven by the technologies in a government.

FREMONT, CA: To the countries that handle their government department data manually, the idea of digital governance might seem like a complicated system. Apart from that, there are a few that are digitized but are not connected to a central digital hub, falling under a single government platform. Meanwhile, countries like Singapore, who have digitalized governance, remind their citizens via text messages to update their information such as timely renewal of driver’s license.

The concept of having digital governance or transformation in the governing system includes various meanings as well as complexities. But it is about simplifying and managing the citizen experiences in every possible manner, with real-time data as its sidekick.

As per the World Bank reports, the credit-financed government projects created with multi-billion dollars were unsuccessful in achieving the predicted results. The plans failed due to the challenges faced, such as poor management, fraud, lack of control, and inability to picture a holistic approach for leveraging technology. It is the government that has to be ready to grow and move ahead with a dedication to go digital on a seamless road.

A digitalized government can help in making the economy more connected and affluent with opportunities. The transformation of governance into a digital platform might take time, but it can be of great help in building a stronger country and a better ecosystem for the information and computer technology (ICT) sector. It can facilitate the citizens with more transparency, disciplined, and capable nation. The government needs to create an improved control system with superior visibility and effective compliance method.

By employing a system-driven control, the government can make sure that the funds, which were collected through a unified platform and the project management, are being utilized efficiently. The use of core functionalities throughout the departments and ministries can help in providing real insights, and a panel for better decision-making leading to effective governance. A platform that has active digitized compliance setting can trigger the traceability, transparency, and compliant debt management.

Countries need to have insightful data to evaluate, explore, allot funds, and handle projects, to achieve enduring goals. The absence of digitalization will keep the nation in a state of equilibrium as it cannot act on the potential strategies without a solid foundation.

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