The All-New RING8 and XDM are Breaking Silos

The All-New RING8 and XDM are Breaking Silos

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, March 04, 2019

Scality understands the value of data and therefore brings a cutting-edge solution for the orchestration of complex information that has to take place when companies break the silo. The company believes in constant improvement, and the latest features in RING8 respond to the rising customer needs.

FREMONT, CA: Scality is a leader in software solutions for universal data orchestration and circulated file and object storage. That company recently announced the RING8 software-defined solution for the large-scale on-premise storage of unstructured data. Scality’s latest creation carries business flexibility, resiliency, and efficiency to the companies facing data storage and orchestration challenges at petabyte-scale and beyond. Furthermore, the brand new eXtended Data Management (XDM) tool also includes enhancements to RING’s stringent security, multi-tenancy, and cloud-native application support. The improvements are designed for organizations and service providers who look into ensuring the business continuity, boost productivity, and gain competitive advantage.

The ten-year-old company, Scality, carries the expertise as well as maturity to understand data challenges and develop solutions that work to resolve them. It continues to help the clients to scale data with cost-effective, highly-reliable solutions, and the software serves millions of people worldwide. The customers are performing diverse activities with the high-value data that provides personalized services in airports and sports arenas. They are leveraging healthcare data, whether patient data for treatment today or for the future besides, they are also optimizing media processing and distribution.

The development of RING8 solely works to solve the complexities that come with the current growth of hybrid cloud data trends, driven by edge computing. The rise in enterprise and public clouds for core workloads and the proliferation of fact generation drive complicated data management challenges. The challenges demand verified solutions to store, manage, and coordinate massive volumes of data across geographies and clouds.

RING8 brings critical enhancements that are critical to managing valuable data:

•  Improved security with fresh role-based access control (RBAC) and support for Key Management Systems (KMS)
•  Advanced multi-tenancy for service providers including S3 based quotas for STaaS and AWS IAM Bucket Policies
•  Back up for cloud-native and legacy applications including AWS S3 bucket lifecycle transition API (XDM) & bucket notification API, OpenStack Swift API (Queens compatible) and support for NFS v4

With the help of Scality, people have been gaining maximum value from data by solving their cloud-scale data storage and management challenges with the award-winning RING and Zenko technologies. Over five hundred million users rely on Scality RING and Zenkoto store and handle hundreds of petabytes of data.

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