STRmix Version 2.8 to Resolve Mixed DNA Profiles

STRmix Version 2.8 to Resolve Mixed DNA Profiles

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

The latest version of STRmix will allow more complex profiles to be interpreted faster.

FREMONT, CA: Following nearly a year of extensive development and testing, a new version of STRmix, pathbreaking forensic software used to interpret mixed DNA profiles previously considered too complex to interpret, will be launched today.  STRmix Version 2.8 has a top-down approach that lets users set the number of significant contributors to a mixed DNA profile in which there is interest, and then obtain a likelihood ratio (LR) only for those contributors. This approach will allow users to tackle more complex profiles faster.

This approach incorporated into STRmix v2.8 is in direct response to forensic labs' suggestions to better address the on-the-job requirements they regularly encounter. Ultimately, this lets high throughput screening of the profile offer investigative intelligence regarding the contributors in complex mixtures. The latest version of STRmix also contains enhanced modeling and memory usage features.

STRmix Version 2.8 comes a year to the day after the launch of Version 2.7. Building on latter versions of the software, STRmix v2.7 had the addition of a variable number of contributors for multi-kits and the ability to compare two or more DNA mixtures to discover a common contributor. Since its launch in 2012, STRmix has proven to be significantly effective in producing usable, interpretable, and admissible DNA outputs in several criminal cases. It has also been vital in helping to solve cold cases in which evidence was dismissed as inconclusive. The U.S. agencies are currently employing STRmix in criminal investigations, and the software is now several stages of installation, validation, and training in more than 60 other firms.

The team that created STRmix has launched two other products. DBLR, an application used with STRmix, enables users to undertake superfast database searches, visualize their DNA evidence's value, and run mixture to mixture matches. Another one, FaSTR  DNA, is expert forensic software that analyzes DNA profiles and assigns a Number of Contributors (NoC) estimate instantly. Developed by scientists, FaSTR DNA has an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface with understandable and laboratory-customizable rules to expedite the analysis of data generated by genetic analyzers and standard profiling kits.

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