Smart Cities: Connected through 5G

Smart Cities: Connected through 5G

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The more population have shifted to cities, the more law and order have become vulnerable. According to the United Nations, the urban population will be increased by 2.5 billion. But, to maintain a city properly, it is essential to implement the law, flourish the transport system, and ensure better service to the citizens. In this changing world, to meet these criteria, the formation of a smart city is essential. A report by Statista has mentioned, globally $95.8 billion will be invested in the formation of the smart city by 2029.

It is expected that 5G will play a pivotal role in the formation of smart cities and will help to build an advanced and reliable platform for cellular connectivity. 

The building of a smart city will encourage the deployment of more IoT devices and the emergence of autonomous vehicles, and these devices will give birth to a large number of endpoints. Besides building advanced cellular connectivity, 5G will keep the whole city connected through different devices. For example, it will help in the smooth running of connected vehicles by ensuring their connection with traffic signals to ensure safety.

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A proper 5G connectivity will ensure the maintenance of law and order. Improved connectivity will provide the police and city authorities with the opportunity to have real-time information about criminal activities. A smart city demands a robust education system where students and teachers remain connected through a common platform. 5G has a vital role to play to keep students connected and is essential for the formation of the proper digital school. 

The development of a smart city demands the proper collection and analysis of data to remain aloof from ensuing dangers and 5G connectivity is essential to gather and analyze massive data sets in a short time. Today, the New York City Fire Department analyzes data to have information about fire threat.

The growth of connected devices will allure cybercriminals, and undoubtedly, the cyber attacks will grow more complex and improved. 5G will be enormously helpful to detect and resolve these advanced attacks to keep the city safe.  But, with the deployment of a 5G network, the basic investment is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, and a huge number of connected devices will enhance complexity. Technologies would have to address the hurdles accordingly.

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