Simplifying Corrections with Data Analytics

Simplifying Corrections with Data Analytics

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 23, 2020

Digital Technology can simplify assessments of offenders and provide accurate suggestions for rehabilitation programs 

Fremont, CA: The main factor defining digital technology is the range of its impact and scope. This factor effectively addresses the integration points among an organization and external platforms. These include technologies that lay outside of an organization’s control range. Perhaps, the most challenging part is to move towards digitalization, and figuring out how all aspects are interrelated. 

Recidivism reduction, a critical metric of corrections success, is dependent on the effectiveness of offender programs, which is interlinked with the accurate assessment of offender’s risk levels, recidivism, reintegration potential, and the requirements. Conventionally, the information utilized to assess offenders has always been limited to data that is easily accessible in the files of the offender.

Top 10 Corrections Solution Companies - 2019Digital technology allows assessments to encompass much relevant information in a systematic and disciplinary method that will lead to more accurate assessments, which are tailored to each offender and their circumstances. By doing so, digital technology displays the potential to execute a much precise referral to rehabilitation programs and services, creating a positive impact on public safety.

The assessment of offenders will enable them to cohesively blend into society as soon as possible, all while maintaining the safety of the society in a complex ecosystem that the government has to manage. It is the fact that at this point of convergence is where digital technology has the greatest responsibility.

At the core of digital lies, the demand for what is called a “digital-grade intelligence” (DGI). By creating DGI, a doubt, if it’s a reality is more than a major part. Digital technologies are known as the backbone of an integrated view of data driving correctional solutions. Especially while dealing with strong business and information governance programs, wholly scalable data management, and advanced analytics capabilities. Digital technology and data analytics can also select one area to start over and drive past it in an easier method.

The most significant chance for corrections is to be intuitive, predict behavior, and manage risk: and healthcare and rehabilitation, and the prevention of crimes.

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