Significance of Cybersecurity for Rail Industry

Significance of Cybersecurity for Rail Industry

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The digital transformation has engulfed almost all the industries. The rail industry is also not far behind in taking advantage of the digital bandwagon. The digital solutions have helped the rail industry in overcoming challenges that the industry had been facing over the years.

The rail industry has also been facing stiff challenges from other modes of transportation. While the industry has focused majorly on maintaining the cost of railway operations, other modes of transportation have started leveraging technology to enhance their services with cost-effective measures. Cybersecurity is an aspect that the railway industry had not addressed until various security breaches went public worldwide. Many cybersecurity compliance regulations have come into effect since then, which the industry has to abide by in order to operate without any hassles. 

The cybersecurity laws have forced the railway industry to opt for a paradigm shift in their existing technology tools and switch to advanced and updated tools. The threat for the railway industry is steadily increasing with the integration of multiple railway-related businesses in the mainstream business fraternity. Additionally, the threat for the industry is also not limited to malware and viruses as the aspect of terrorism will also have to be taken into consideration.

Assigning responsibility to the divisions and departments is a major challenge as the responsibility will differ based on the capability and capacity of individual actors. For example, asset owners can share responsibility for railway management, risk operations and elimination, and network management. Furthermore, the system integrators can be made responsible for access management, technical evaluation, and system-wide architecture, and the product suppliers can handle secure product design, safe software design, and overall product engineering security. The top-tier management of the railway industry also needs to work in tandem with these departments to ensure that all the cybersecurity laws are complied without affecting the operations.

The significance of cybersecurity can no longer be neglected with the increase in the frequency of cyber attacks. Rail industry should implement advanced and cutting edge technology to secure their system against any potential threats.

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