See What AI has to offer the Public Sectors

See What AI has to offer the Public Sectors

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 06, 2019

AI in public sectorFREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found many takers. The technology has been able to impact several sectors, and governments are well poised to take advantage of AI-driven tools. The deployment of AI has now entered the government sectors to bring in significant developments in governance.  

Employees and workers form an integral part of the organization, and before adopting any significant technological changes, stakeholders should make it a point to address each member of the organization. There is a need for management to realize the importance of automation and justify its application. The ideas and changes must be communicated through case studies. AI and automation can reduce the burden of mundane tasks which can work in favor of employees and improve their spirits.

It is essential that the management should look for policy changes and permissions when undergoing modifications. Introducing automation or AI to government is not straightforward because they are sensitive, and new technologies might ring in new risks. Evaluating the techniques in terms of their regulatory compliance is vital. Governments should have a solid strategy that fulfills the security criteria and addresses legalities.

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Applying new technologies requires many overhauls. To make a transformation or a new adoption fruitful, the process should encompass all functions and departments. A fragmented approach in which only certain aspects are involved leads to haphazard strategies and is bound to be less effective. Instead, a plan that makes the application comprehensive should be worked out and implemented.

Governments deal with mountains of data that is often in an unorganized form. Automation and other technologies should be applied cautiously only to those processes that stand a chance to benefit from it. Additional tasks can be eliminated, with the application of AI or automation.

AI is sure to better the aspects of government with automation innovation. Through a good strategy and perfect implementation, these technologies can be easily deployed to benefit the government sector to the fullest. 

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