Security and New Technologies

Security and New Technologies

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SecurityData breaches have become commonplace these days. With sensitive data being backed up online, several threats have become apparent. In such situations, it is crucial that steps are taken to protect the technologies as well as data and minimize human errors.

Data has been risked due to human errors in most cases and a focus on automation is essential. Although automation can be cumbersome, it is the best way to reduce deficiencies in the system. Automation can standardize security and solve problems that creep up due to manual errors.

Companies should look to prioritize automation, disaster recovery systems as well as cybersecurity systems. Through a proper plan in place and rigorous approach, standards must be checked before any new technology is used.

Security standards must authorize the deployment of any new technology. With the controls moving to the hands of end users, it is essential that the technologies have passed the standard criteria.  Also, securing board support is necessary because the universal application of security standards is difficult and workers might try to forgo compliance with the standards.

A security system that is being handled by a human is prone to errors and cannot be considered foolproof. Every opportunity for automation must be accepted. Ensuring automation makes the security system much more robust and smooth. The system becomes more dependable and steady. Although automation allows better control over security, the need to modify and upgrade must also be taken care of.  Threats are continuously evolving and taking new forms, and the systems to mitigate these threats must also undergo improvements and changes. Regular assessment of technologies is essential.

Companies often place more importance and focus on managing the risks related to finances and market performance. Cybersecurity and risk management must be integrated to provide a more comprehensive and effective system. Prioritizing the security infrastructure not only ensures safety concerning technology used but also creates a safe zone for data and databases. 

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