Scope of Implementing IoT in Public Sector Facilities

Scope of Implementing IoT in Public Sector Facilities

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 01, 1970

Internet of Things (IoT) has hit the technology industry like a revelation. Many industries have adopted IoT for its exceptional efficiency. IoT has helped to gather a massive amount of data, which has helped organizations to be well informed about their customers and the quality of service provided to them. IoT devices are expected to reach 30 billion before the end of 2020. Every household is likely to have at least 10 IoT devices in their premises. Security for this amount of data can be a tenacious task for many organizations

The advantage of IoT for the public sector is very eminent. It can significantly improve public services. IoT can help to optimize the traffic flows; Smart lights can help to manage the electricity efficiently. Government sectors are generally risk averting sectors. IoT needs an upgraded security feature with an ability to integrate the new technology with the legacy devices. The size of implementation of IoT in government-controlled facilities can increase the security risk exponentially.

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IoT technology is still an emerging technology, and there are no universally accepted set of rules for its implementation. Several security hacks like Mirai botnet and many such attacks have emphasized on the need to implement an effective regulation for IoT. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a draft,” considerations for managing internet of things cybersecurity and privacy risks,” to understand the risks involved with implementing IoT and the measures to manage those risks. The draft supplements the bill,” Internet of things cybersecurity improvement act of 2017”, which focuses on creating a set of standards for IoT devices installed in the U.S. government networks.

IoT technology has been emerging since its advent and industries have reaped the rewards after implementing IoT into their systems. The technology is going to be smarter and more enabling in the coming days. IoT has already helped to streamline many complex applications. With a few security measures, IoT is sure to improve the day-to-day works in public sector companies.

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