Saviynt to Back the "Serverless" Amazon Eventbridge!

Saviynt to Back the "Serverless" Amazon Eventbridge!

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, March 30, 2020

Matthew Schmidt, VP, Public Sector Sales

The latest abilities of the platform will allow Saviynt customers to keep up with the continuous compliance via automation, superior security, and consistency.

FREMONT, CA: “Saviynt has a very flexible data model. It offers the first cloud first identity governance platform for both deployment and operation. Built on a big data platform that includes Elastic search and Hadoop for scalability, Saviynt offers an application access governance solution,” said Matthew Schmidt, the VP of the Public Sector Sales in Saviynt.

Saviynt is an award-winning, leading intelligent identity governance and management platform, which recently announced support for the newly launched Amazon EventBridge, from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon EventBridge is fundamentally a serverless event bus service that connects applications using events. The events consist of security configuration changes, alteration in application data, privilege access escalations, or conversions in human resources (HR) systems.

Saviynt improves and extends the services of Amazon EventBridge by publishing key events to customers. Amazon EventBridge handles the routing of those events dependably and safely. The process supports the automated reaction to events that can then be effortlessly sent to AWS services such as AWS Lambda.

Amazon EventBridge lets Saviynt publish crucial security, identity, and access related events to its customers’ AWS surrounding in real-time. The customers of Saviynt get a chance to utilize the new capability faultlessly, without scribbling undifferentiated connection code. Since large enterprises search to extend their utilization of AWS to carry more workloads in the cloud, Amazon EventBridge makes automation and efficiency available for them. The support of Saviynt toward Amazon EventBridge, helps the customers to realize the goal of the company, which is to achieve unbroken monitoring and protect access governance.

Saviynt was featured as one of the Top 10 Cloud Consulting/Services Companies of 2018 by Govt CIO Outlook. Saviynt lends a hand to the ventures to secure applications, data, and infrastructure in just one platform for cloud and enterprise. It also gives risk-based elevated access checkout with back-up for inline segregation of duty (SOD) policy violation evaluation as well as flexible multi-step approval workflows. The company additionally automates privileged identity and avails lifecycle management along with analysis of processes tied to HR triggers for joiners, movers, leavers, or conversions.

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