Saving Water with Smart Tech, One Drop at A Time!

Saving Water with Smart Tech, One Drop at A Time!

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, July 26, 2019

Water management and pipeline infrastructure are subjected to degradation and weathering due to the ageing of the systems resulting in wastage of water. Smarter pipeline systems can save not only excess spillage of water but also provide insightful data about the usage.

FREMONT, CA: To offer communities feature-rich, non-invasive technology that enriches cities with smarter water infrastructure, Orbis Intelligent systems, launched an evolution of intelligent infrastructure monitoring systems. The product line with the provision of predictive assessments of pipeline infrastructure that helps owners and operators make insightful data-driven decisions before network integrity and efficiency are compromised. The company has been keen on encouraging the development of the future of water and pipeline management. The launch event featured reviews of current and impending devices including:

1.  The Prodigy, a non-invasive clip-on IoT pipe monitoring device
2.  The Prodigy UltraPipe GPS remote metering device,
3.  The Prodigy SmartCap fire hydrant cap which assesses leakage, pressure, tamper and flow activity.
4.  An OEM smart hydrant monitoring device; and
5.  The Orbis cloud-based portal which gathers and analyzes real-time data.

The ageing pipeline systems and infrastructure result in the deterioration of quality, demanding to monitor, and condition assessment of operations. Prodigy by Orbis can be installed easily onto existing pipework, and each of the Prodigy version features a monitoring and alerting pattern optimized for each type. CAT M1 cellular connectivity guarantees reliable data transmission via significant carrier networks, with exceptional penetration even when obscured in underground chambers. The smart pipeline infrastructure avoids costly bursts, leaks, blockages, and health hazards when appropriately maintained and compliant with the water pressure standards.

The degraded water infrastructure due to lack of maintenance, and is leading to the wastage of the most precious resource on Earth and damaging the environment. Hence, the teams at Orbis Intelligent Systems are working continuously to manage and preserve resources and assets using ground-breaking IoT solutions.

Orbis Intelligent Systems, an Aquam Corporation company, also offers data-driven monitoring solutions for pipeline infrastructure, including utility distribution pipelines, waste/drain pipelines, potable water pipelines, fire suppression systems, and HVAC. Orbis' technologies give power to asset owners and operators with high-quality real-time data, integrated data analytics, and affordable IoT solutions across residential, commercial, and utility applications.

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