SAP enhances Its SAP Analytics Cloud with New and Improved Features

SAP enhances Its SAP Analytics Cloud with New and Improved Features

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, March 25, 2019

SAP, a Germany-based company that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations has made enhancements to its SAP Analytics Cloud. The upgrades include improved analytics features, collaborative enterprise planning features, and the addition of new data sources.

The latest update in the SAP Analytics Cloud will allow users to ask questions about their data in natural language. It also offers automated insights into the user’s data from the smart discovery capability that includes key influencers, unexpected values, and simulations. The smart predict feature added through the latest update, allows users to train models to predict future outcomes.

The enhancement will allow users to build on the already available augmented analytics capabilities by enabling them to add new machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to existing business intelligence and planning workflows. Enhancements also consist of time series models and user experience improvements, which makes it easier for analysts to predict future outcomes and automate decisions.

SAP analytics Cloud offers a single platform to the users to analyze, plan and predict all of the business strategies and outcomes to accelerate planning cycles and make intelligent decisions. The latest update will provide Enhanced live connectivity to the embedded models of the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application, enabling customers to leverage their existing investments and connect complex planning processes to the cloud. The new SAP Analytics Cloud provides enhanced capabilities to the end users, allowing companies to create and adjust business plans within the SAP Analytics Cloud, and many other tools.

The Improved live connectivity enables customers to extract more value from the SAP Analytics Cloud with live access to trusted business sources such as SAP BusinessObjects solutions, the SAP HANA business data platform (on-premise and service). The Sap Analytics Hub feature of the SAP Analytics Cloud provides users with a single point of access for analysis of all SAP and non-SAP contents. 

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