Role of AI in Investigation Management

Role of AI in Investigation Management

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, April 09, 2021

Role of AI in Investigation ManagementWith frauds in the world of technology continue to increase, it is high time that the investigators have access to the AI tools and technologies to manage these situations.

FREMONT, CA: Intelligence is a core function of law enforcement and a vital resource for allowing effective and efficient investigations. There are more sources of information in modern technology and data-driven society to help evidence collection, and digital content is becoming a crucial driver of police and intelligence investigations. Law enforcement can derive value from leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze and process digital data sources, advance investigations, and bolster their intelligence.

Top 10 Investigation Management Solution Companies - 2021The new and complex challenges behind handling the fraud investigation are a strenuous activity in itself. No wonder why such an investigation is complex and full of hurdles. With these complexities stepping in, implementing the right tools with well-laid investigation methodology standardization needs the hour. It is here that Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture. Embedded artificial intelligence assists in filtering down the content and classifying it as needed. The semantic search feature is no less than a blessing here, for it automatically finds related concepts and documents.

Artificial intelligence in fraud investigation makes the entire process efficient by creating relevant data and leaves users to derive meaningful insights. Data extraction is a complex task, and when sensitive data is involved, one cannot afford to be negligent. With innovative computer vision algorithms in place, it is possible to extract data from bank statements and several other documents. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques assist in extracting information and performing automated verification leveraging digital channels. Artificial intelligence is no less than a savior for financial institutions as it caters to verification of the needed details and documents.

Analytics also plays a key role in the investigation. Two types of analytics, namely advanced analytics and process analytics, have a lot to provide to ease the investigation operation. When documents are to be differentiated based on tone and subject, analytics comes into the picture. Also, any suspicious review, article, or conversation can be effectively identified. Though these technologies can help in fraud investigation and management, what requires to be understood here is that the process is complicated and comes with its hurdles. Sound knowledge about these tools and techniques might come to help.

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