Reshaping Built Environment with Latest Tech Innovations

Reshaping Built Environment with Latest Tech Innovations

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

As a driving force revolutionizing the world, technology is instrumental in modernizing human life. With the software deployments, Built environment (BE) is shifting its perceptions to the next level. Disrupting every critical aspect of lifestyle, locality, amenities and the like, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) biotechnology, nanotechnology, cognitive computing, and robotics, are changing the outlook of the surroundings; high-tech built environments are in the make.

Rationalizing the architectural, procedural and structural inconstancies which tamper the digital integrations, technologies prove to fully conform to the existing BE models, infrastructures, processing dynamics, and policies. New digital solutions remold the BE industry by employing their functional capabilities. BE engineers open various opportunities, which plan the BE landscape, design strategies for expanding business goals, and support the amenity life-cycle.

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A recent development in the field of BE is Building Information Modeling (BIM), which integrates technologies such as Intelligent drones and 3D printing conceptualizations to carry out major labor-intensive tasks such as building walls, structuring layouts and others related to construction. BIM has added to the conventional construction mechanisms by providing options for digital representations: builders are given opportunities to create a digital blueprint of the site and analyze various structural, functional and practical aspects. This, in turn, helps the managers in monitoring the construction process from remote locations, with the help of advanced machine vision, virtual reality/augmented reality, and smart visualization techniques. 

Automation is also one of the primary tech innovations, changing the whole dimension of the built environment. High-tech solutions serve every industry including education, manufacturing, health care, construction, and retailing. It is the emerging technologies and their diversified impact that has been the reason for high-speed and rigorous development explosion, taking place in the BE world.  

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