QU-in Launches Virtual Queue and Capacity Management Solutions to...

QU-in Launches Virtual Queue and Capacity Management Solutions to Excel in Student Safety

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Implementing the latest virtual queue and capacity management solution on campuses can contribute to the effort to protect students during the wake of the pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: QU-in unveils that its innovative virtual queue and capacity management solution is being deployed by Guam Community College to help with maintaining social distancing on campus. They join the 85% of Colleges polled by The Chronicle of Higher Education who report they will be reopening in some capacity in the fall. QU-in is expecting tremendous interest from the higher education sector for a solution to assist them in reopening their campuses.

QU-In is a smart and convenient way to maintain social distance and still have a great campus experience. Guam Community College has been the leader in career and technical workforce development and continues to extend its facilities to meet the changing workforce demands. At Guam Community College, the company is leveraging the latest technology available to provide students, employees, and guests with a safe campus environment without unnecessary delays or needless standing around waiting for services.

QU-in is a digital weapon that creates a new touchpoint for consumers in malls, banks, and small businesses but is also an excellent platform for higher education campuses to create student safety at Cafeterias and Food Distribution Centers, Registrar and Financial Aid, Libraries and Lecture Halls, Gyms and Events, or any other place students gather. This latest platform offers students a safe and hassle-free way to return to campus. When students come back, they won't have to stand in long lines, trying to maintain social distance, thereby reducing potential risk exposures. QU-in also gives the education institution peace of mind with a real-time look at capacity on their campus.

QU-in is a New York-based business with over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare and life sciences solutions, technology implementation, creative, sales, and marketing. The company's goal is to help businesses large and small operate and innovate while making the customer experience the prime priority.

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