PureAware to Improve Air Quality and Destroy Viruses

PureAware to Improve Air Quality and Destroy Viruses

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, September 10, 2020

Matt Harrison, CEO

WellAware is launching a new smart air purifier known as PureAware that can help to improve the quality of air.

FREMONT, CA: Since businesses and schools are getting ready to reopen safely, WellAware is pleased to announce a new smart air purification device to make this procedure safer. By merging their remote monitoring and IoT expertise and a highly advanced air purification system, the company is helping customers enhance the quality of air. 

PureAware is a smart air purifier that can be utilized by organizational leaders who want to extinguish the airborne viruses on contact. The system can help them enhance their indoor air quality and offer peace of mind to the building occupants with air purification remote monitoring.

PureAware is the first remotely monitored air purification service that is safe for humans. It can also extinguish almost 99.98% of airborne viruses and filter 99.97% of PM0.3 particulate matter. PureAware utilizes the patented 4-layer filters, which has been developed by their manufacturing partner and is made in the USA.  There are also other devices available in the market, like HEPA filters. However, most of them do not kill the virus and might leave behind harmful ozone. PureAware destroys viruses such as the coronavirus and can make the area safer.

Besides seizing and destroying pathogens in the air, PureAware can also display air filtration status results directly to the web and mobile apps. With such apps' help, it becomes easy to track the performance and air filter quality in real-time. By scanning a custom QR code, the users can also see whether they are entering a clean air environment before ever stepping foot in the door. Enclosed areas like restaurants, gyms, schools, and other businesses can also reassure their staff and customers of this efficient safety step to get back their patrons in the facility.

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