Nrby and VADAR Collaborate to Serve Municipalities

Nrby and VADAR Collaborate to Serve Municipalities

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Nrby and VADAR entered into a strategic alliance to improve the municipality operations with a developed platform.  

FREMONT, CA: Nrby, the largest provider of location intelligence platforms that are reinventing the way municipalities and agencies operate, recently announced that they had entered a strategic alliance with VADAR Systems, Inc. It is a prominent provider of municipal financial software and municipal government billing and collection systems.

In the water/sewer and stormwater industry, municipalities are overwhelmed by manual procedures related to time-consuming, analog paper trails for conducting general maintenance, reading, monitoring meters, repairing equipment, updating old infrastructure, and documenting regulatory compliance for water/sewer and stormwater billing and mitigation. Users of the VADAR utility billing who embrace the Nrby platform would instantly benefit from more effective digital workflows, better connectivity between municipalities and citizens, and better regulatory and compliance accreditation speed.

"Nrby allows municipalities already using VADAR's water/sewer and stormwater billing software to easily capture location and job data detailing the work they've performed as well as use the saved data for future reference and regulatory accreditation," explained Frank Natale, CEO of VADAR Systems, Inc. "This information capture from Nrby's digital workflows is integrated directly into the VADAR financial system which then becomes the single system of record."

"Bringing our platforms to market together is a natural fit, especially now in such challenging environments." said Kurt Dobbins, CEO of Nrby. "Compliance with water, sewer and stormwater management regulations, maintaining water/sewer infrastructure and equipment, and project communication has become more complex for government agencies due to the challenges with Covid-19. Nrby solves that challenge by digitizing the collection of information and automating the delivery to key stakeholders." 

In many states, including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, VADAR Systems' financial applications and services have offered municipalities with the best-in-class technology at the best value since 1996. Municipalities selected the experience and proven track record of VADAR in delivering creative ways to maximize finances and automate complex office processes using the state-of-the-art financial platform.

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