New Vice President of International Sales to Expand Horizons of the...

New Vice President of International Sales to Expand Horizons of the Cybersecurity Conglomerate

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A government entrusted cyber intelligence and security provider appoints a veteran as the vice president of international sales.

FREMONT, CA: After the Q1 with EU client growth, highlighting the demand for cyber investigation and breach notification in the region, it was decided that a new vice president for international sales needed to be appointed. The new vice president was expected to bring out robust partnership and customer networks. Peter Ruijters was the man for this position, bringing in two decades of experience in the international security market. His prior successes and secure deep networks have uniquely positioned him in the epicentre of GroupSense’s global business. 

GroupSense, a renowned provider of cyber intelligence services, driven by customer demand in the region, has hired Peter Ruijters to begin focus on particularly expanding the company’s European presence. 

Ruijters has been influential in the European initiative toward numerable security product and service companies, counting SonicWall, Fortinet, PhishMe, and LastLine.

GroupSense caters global clients and has been expanding its presence to serve the local markets efficiently. The rapid pace at which companies are availing services authenticates an unanswered need in the market. The political climate and rising digitization are encouraging the need for advanced cyber intelligence. GroupSense’s managed contributions make the emerging discipline for organizations that are amicable, devoid of the staffing, and ability to run a cyber intelligence plan in-house.

Peter Ruijters appointment bolsters the capacity for the company to serve the current international clients, to expand into the region. With the right modus operandi for technology and a well-managed approach to comply with the cyber reconnaissance, Peter Ruijters is convinced that the company’s accelerated growth will result in a meaningful impact.

GroupSense provides cyber intelligence services fuelled by proprietary technology and aids in information handling for the intel teams. The company is entrusted to assist in leveraging cyber intel for program development, election monitoring, and anti-fraud measures by the governments worldwide.

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