New Security Camera: Prevention is Better than Loss

New Security Camera: Prevention is Better than Loss

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The ultimate Home security camera released to fill in the gap between affordability and quality of the product.

FREMONT, CA: Residential Security provision market is a well-developed, popular, and mature market in the United States. The battery-powered security camera is the most sought-out pieces in the industry. Due to its high demand in the market, a regular security camera might cost from $100 to $200 depending on the features. Litmor identifies the lack of economic affordability and intelligent technology in the security camera. The company seeks to disrupt the field by offering the ultimate home security cameras which do not burn pockets and comes with class.

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Litmor, after identifying the goal design has stopped its ongoing Kickstarter project fundraising campaign. This sudden climax is carried out as the goal for their new battery camera has been superseded, more than three times larger than the original intent.

The Litmor Battery Cam’s Kickstarter project fundraising has attracted finding from more than 300 backers with the total budget tripled from the set goal. The company aims in manufacturing an affordable, high-quality, and innovative battery-powered security camera, which uses a smart alert algorithm to identify events of security breach more accurately.

The company’s primary aim is to focus on delivering an affordable and high-quality camera, which is equipped with all the basic and innovative functions needed for a security camera. Litmor App allows the users to watch, listen in, and talk back to the visitors from anywhere in the world. It is made possible by its smart alert algorithms, which will alert the user in case of any movement, may it a stranger, a car, or an animal. 

The Litmor Battery Cam is a renewed way of satisfying home security needs. Litmor utilizes wireless technology to notify the smart alerts to the user’s mobile device. The notification includes a warning of movement from trespassers, cars, and animals. The camera consists of a color night vision that comes in 1080p HD, providing users a crystal-clear image in any lighting condition. The ultra-long battery life of the camera can last up to one year in ECO mode. The security cam is also weatherproof and IP66 waterproof, preventing any damage from snow, rain, and heat. The set-up can be carried out innumerable ways, including with screws, strings, stickers, and even without any brackets. After installation, the cameras can be easily turned on and easily synced to the user’s smartphones.

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