New Light Technologies, Spatial Focus, and rGa Associates Announces...

New Light Technologies, Spatial Focus, and rGa Associates Announces a Strategic Partnership

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The latest partnership will provide customers a complete lifecycle of street addressing services and data.

FREMONT, CA: New Light Technologies, Spatial Focus, and rGa Associates announce a strategic partnership to deliver customers a complete lifecycle of street addressing services and data. In concert with rGa Associates, Spatial Focus has resulted in the development of address data standards and advanced systems for address data management and Central Address Repositories (CARs) in and outside of the United States. These tools enable easy, rapid, accurate, and reliable development and maintenance of address data.

NLT is a provider of geospatial, scientific, and data-centric consulting services, serving Federal, State, and Local governments since 2001. NLT offers GIS services and analytics for agencies such as the U.S. Census Bureau of Statistics, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and additional customers such as the World Bank Group.

Through the strategic partnership, NLT, Spatial Focus, and rGa will design and offer local governments scalable technological solutions for efficient enterprise management addressing repositories, including tailored tools for address data management that ensure accuracy, validity, and compliance with regulations. The latest partnership will widen the reach of these tools and potentials through the development of secured cloud and web-based applications.

The partnership will also allow local governments to use the long expertise of Spatial Focus and rGa in the field of address data management and deployment of address data repositories, and NLT`s expertise in the field of geospatial data management and development and integration of cloud and web-based potentials. Goldblatt says that the team is planning to implement a first-in-a-kind secured web-map tool for seamless and reliable management of address databases, enabling localities to manage their addresses and street segments repositories within a unified, scalable database.

Several governments address incomplete data, scattered among various agencies, and not regularly consolidated, compared, or reviewed for accuracy. As climate change engenders more disasters, a reliable address street repository is vital for first responders, relief workers, and citizens to take action more quickly and offer assistance more economically and effectively. Addresses also offer citizens a civic identity and a reliable means to locate and serve all residents within a jurisdiction.  This strategic partnership will make tools for address data management more accessible and cost-effective to clients.

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