New Beginnings: the Era of Mobile 5G Network

New Beginnings: the Era of Mobile 5G Network

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, December 21, 2018

In just a matter of few years, wireless communication networks have undergone major changes. The wireless mobile generation (G) generally refers to a change in system nature, speed, technology, frequency, data capacity, and latency. Each generation has a number of standards, different capabilities, new techniques, and new features that differ from the previous generation. The aspects of the 5G network are said to be faster with less latency and have the ability to connect many devices at once.

The world’s largest telecommunication company, Texas-headquartered AT&T that has multi-industry based subsidiary companies is trying to build the mobile 5G network, which is expected to be at the top of the best network in the U.S.

Cradlepoint offers net cloud solution packages, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It helps initial respondents and companies to prepare for this upcoming 5G network evolution from AT&T. The routers of 5G revolution exist in the FirstNet communications platform and AT&T network where these devices are only available to the subscribers and customers till March 2019. The enhanced 5G network speed provides an excellent user experience. The functions of routers vary according to the design and the operating industry providing high secured and reliable wireless connectivity. The users can experience higher speed by using these routers since they have undergone many tests for speed enhancement.

5G evolution routers of Cradlepoint such as IBR900-1200 M and IBR1700-1200 M are robust in nature. Cradlepoint’s partnership with AT&T represents a major step forward in helping AT&T public security, and business customers connect more people and places quickly, safely, and reliably than before. GPS-enabled mobile routers designed to connect a wide variety of in-vehicle applications can be used in different public safety and business environments.

The 5G technology is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. The higher bandwidth will provide faster download speed and the ability to operate various complex internet apps on mobile phones. As 5G is in the initial stage of development, the consumers will have to wait to enjoy the high-speed internet at a more affordable price.



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