National Security Threats That Governments Face

National Security Threats That Governments Face

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, October 09, 2020

A nation has to deal with various threats like natural and humanmade, but the government has to take proper steps to protect the citizens and the socioeconomic structure.

FREMONT, CA: All the nations face threats, which can be anything like social aggression from a neighboring country, attack from a terrorist group, or global economic trends that can compromise the nation's welfare. The threats can also be natural, like viral pandemic or hurricanes. Any risk that challenges the power of a country and disrupts its well-being.

The national security sector provides security to the nation against such threats. The national security protects the citizens and the economic stability of the national institutes. But national safety and global security are not the same things because national security requires a national government to work autonomously to protect its citizens from the threats. On the other hand, global security needs collaboration among the nations working together to make sure that everyone enjoys peace and stability. 

National security's primary responsibility is to recognize the potential dangers and keep them ready to respond at the right time.  Here are some of the national security threats.

Natural Disasters and Diseases

Every threat to national security does not need the malicious influence of a third-party. There are also situations like earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that can damage the people of a nation and its physical infrastructure. A global pandemic like COVID-19 can also weaken the healthcare system and economies.

1. Pandemic Threats

In recent times, COVID-19 can be called the most prominent example of a national security threat. As the pandemic unfolded globally, several countries had to deal with it in different methods.

It demonstrates the global health crisis and how such a disease can endanger citizens' physical wellness and socio-economic infrastructures. The global response to COVID-19 also shows the ways in which the government can protect during such critical situations.

2. Biological Warfare

Many diseases can occur naturally, but history also offers several examples where biological weapons have been developed to create widespread terror. Biological warfare can make a critical threat to a nation's security, but the government must provide important security to decrease such risks.

3. Cyberterrorism

Cyberterrorism has become another national security threat. Several hackers can infect the computers used for highly confidential purposes like the military with malware. There have also been numerous cases where such hackers send fake job profiles to infiltrate the system and recover classified information. 

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