Lavi Industries Releases Queue Management Case Study About Safe...

Lavi Industries Releases Queue Management Case Study About Safe Social Distancing in Smart Final's Checkout Queues

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 13, 2020

The electronic queuing system increases customer flow and service rate, effectively abiding social distancing norms and reducing both real and perceived wait times.

FREMONT, CA: Lavi Industries, pioneering queue management, and crowd control solution provider, releases a new case study and video describing the deployment of their Qtrac CF electronic queuing technology, and other queue management systems, into the checkout area of Smart & Final warehouse grocery stores. During the COVID-19 pandemic, and concerns over the health and safety of its customers and employees, Smart & Final joined hands with Lavi Industries to create a safer, more efficient checkout experience, ensuring social distancing for customers and employees, and queue management best-practices to enhance customer flow and customer decrease wait times.

 Working within a rigid deployment window, Lavi Industries deployed a queue management solution that integrated conventional crowd control fixtures, social distancing systems and queuing technology to raise safety for customers and employees, while enhancing the efficiency of the waiting line. Within three weeks, the system was implemented in hundreds of locations.

 At the core of the queuing solution is a Qtrac CF electronic queuing system, which comprises digital signage and flashing cash register lights that flag the next customer to an open cash register. Paired with a single-line queue, the system keeps crowds from forming around registers and delivers a safe, uncrowded access queue for traveling to an open register. A swing gate barrier, signage, stanchions, and floor stickers ensure additional social distancing as customers wait their turn.

Based in California, Lavi Industries is the prime provider of queue management and crowd control solutions. Through its portfolio of world-class brands in-queue merchandising systems, the company has helped global companies effectively guide people in, through, and out of their facilities.

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