Latest Partnership to Enable Government to Access Satellite Imagery...

Latest Partnership to Enable Government to Access Satellite Imagery to Manage Emergency Situations

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, September 14, 2020

The partnership will help governments gain access to vital high-resolution satellite imagery to better manage natural disasters and manmade events exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: Everbridge, the global leader in critical event management (CEM), and Planet, the provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery data and insights, announce a partnership that adds sophisticated satellite imagery to Everbridge’s industry-first  Visual Command Center which offers a ‘single pane of glass’ for organizations to manage their operations, supply chain, IoT footprint and resiliency as part of the award-winning CEM Platform. By adding satellite imagery of the world, Everbridge will further help governments and corporations reduce natural and manmade disasters. The Everbridge CEM Platform uses 225 pre-existing integrations. It enables customers to curate and act on a massive amount of information from risk data sources, including satellite data from Planet.

The partnership also allows Everbridge customers to respond more effectively to crises like hurricanes, floods, fires, chemical spills, cyberattacks, and more during the coronavirus pandemic. By harnessing Planet’s satellite data and insights with Everbridge Visual Command Center, the visualization and orchestration component of Everbridge’s CEM Platform, customers will get access to high-resolution images of regions before and after disasters, allowing responders to spot where roads and other infrastructure sustained damage and effectively coordinate a response. Everbridge Visual Command Center allows enterprises to get situational awareness and risk resilience on the scale.

These insights will allow customers to better understand rapidly evolving conditions on the ground and respond to disasters more effectively. Over 5,300 global firms rely on Everbridge to keep their people safe and organizations running in anticipation of critical events. The Everbridge CEM solution provides an integrated, end-to-end approach for supporting organizations assess the severity of events; decide their relevance to people, assets, customers, and supply chains, and workflows to reduce threats and track progress to improve future response.

As the pioneer in critical event management and public warning, the Everbridge reaches over 600 million people and currently supports the countrywide public warning system deployments in all major world regions.  Everbridge has also announced its “COVID-19 R2R: The Road to Recovery” recently, a  virtual leadership summit to be held October 14-15, 2020

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