Latest AI-Powered Election HQ to Decipher Authenticity of Online...

Latest AI-Powered Election HQ to Decipher Authenticity of Online Narratives

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 20, 2020

Jonathon Morgan, CEO

Yonder, with its latest platform Election HQ, aims to arm brands and consumers with the tools required to understand the authenticity of online conversations and who are really driving it.

FREMONT, CA: Yonder, an AI company uncovering hidden groups controlling and amplifying narratives online that impact brands, launches Election HQ to offer marketers, journalists, and consumers with insight into who is influencing the discussion around the U.S. presidential election and whether they are authentic or suspect.

The election, pandemic, and social unrest have generated a perfect storm for disinformation and agenda-driven conversations online, and brands are often unintentionally caught in the mix. In today's setting, once it's trending, it is true. Brands that depend on lagging indicators and tools that overlook evolving misinformation tactics are putting their reputation at greater risk of reputation, specifically during the election season.

Yonder has also unveiled an innovative disinformation intelligence solution, leveraging AI to demystify coordinated online disinformation campaigns. This platform provides the insight required to diagnose how ideas start and spread between communities across social channels and influence public opinion, enabling brands to better protect their integrity and perception. Several of the insights found on Election HQ are provided by the new disinformation intelligence solution.

The AI-powered Election HQ dashboard offers insight into where narratives surrounding the election are originating, the tactics used by online groups to magnify them, and then how this impacts the mainstream conversation. By offering data-backed intelligence, Yonder aims to arm brands and consumers with the tools required to understand how authentic or manipulated an online conversation is and who is really driving it. People are conditioned to focus on volume and likes as significant metrics to gauge public opinion, but they just do not go deep enough to tell the full story. Understanding how online power groups plan and mobilize is vital to understand the way stories spread and take hold around everything from pandemics to protests.

Yonder is an AI company that discovers the hidden groups who control online narratives so brands can seamlessly navigate an unpredictable, ever-changing internet with confidence. The company also empowers brands to take a proactive brand stance, harnessing hyper-active online groups that are aligned with or adversarial to their brand. Yonder was the first company to address disinformation at scale. The company is on its mission to humanize the world's information and offer on the promise of a more authentic internet.

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