Know-how of Various Cloud Services: A Way-out to Eliminate Risks

Know-how of Various Cloud Services: A Way-out to Eliminate Risks

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

The advent of cloud computing has changed the conventional notion of handling data, providing enterprises with an agile, efficient, and cost-effective way-out. IDC report has predicted that the annual investment in public cloud will grow by 21.9 percent and will become $227 billion by 2021. This growing reliance on cloud platform has begotten serious problems like data theft and data manipulation. Big houses can spend a huge amount, but small enterprises face challenges to address those cybersecurity threats effectively.

To reap the maximum benefit from the cloud platform, small businesses need to encourage collaboration. They should allow employees to have access to the cloud-based platforms and methods of communication from any place in order to increase their efficiency of rendering their jobs, and this collaboration will also be helpful to share ideas with co-workers. DropBox, Google's G-Suite, or Microsoft's 365 simplifies the process of file-sharing and help in complex projects.

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It has been told earlier, for small enterprises security is the main hurdle. Microsoft spends $1 billion every year to research on and develops cybersecurity, but this enormous expenditure is almost impossible for the small houses. To deal with this issue, they need to exercise proper measures to minimize human errors which create open spaces for cybercriminals. Virtual private networks are cost-effective, fast, and can be fruitful to ensure security, but the low number of total networks is a real problem for it. So, the small enterprises have to search for a proper solution according to their convenience.

Before moving to the cloud, companies have to design their network keeping cloud in mind because the integration of cloud-based applications into the conventional network can hamper productivity. The most interesting aspect of the cloud platform is that it can be accessed easily. But, this accessibility can make this platform vulnerable and so, companies have to limit access according to their need.

It is essential for small enterprises to shift toward secure, affordable, efficient, and customized cloud platforms, and to do this, they have to gather proper information about different cloud services, such as IaaS solutions which cut short capital expenditure, PaaS solutions which provide business development tools and business intelligence, and SaaS solutions which are essential for invoicing and sales tracking.

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