Kiana Digital Contact Tracing Platform for Effective Return-to-Work...

Kiana Digital Contact Tracing Platform for Effective Return-to-Work Strategies

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 13, 2020

Nader Fathi, CEO

Kiana uses data from existing campus wireless device registration to let authorized employees respond to a positive case of COVID-19 by finding possible exposures.

SUNNYVALE, CA: Kiana Analytics, the premier location-based platform company that provides accurate proximity solutions to organizations worldwide, today announces that it has been selected by numerous universities and colleges to help with rapid response measures to mitigate COVID-19 exposure outbreaks on their campuses, including Dominican University.

The health and safety of the people is Kiana’s top priority. It uses data from its existing campus wireless device registration to privately enable authorized employees to respond to identify possible exposures, rather than simply react based on class schedules E&I Cooperative Services, the largest, non-profit purchasing cooperative serving the demands of education, endorsed Kiana with a negotiated contract.

Kiana Digital Contract Tracing Solution leveraged device and location-based analytics to stop virus spread.  “The Kiana solution is affordable, easy to implement, and doesn’t require special software or complicated configuration of mobile devices. Armed with this information, institutions can use Kiana’s intuitive, intelligent dashboard interface to decide how and who to privately notify about exposure, and where to dispatch cleaning personnel,” says Keith Fowlkes, Vice President, E&I Technology.

The Kiana solution provides the ability to immediately identify all exposed people to prevent exposures, offers exposure report pinpointing areas in need of surgical cleaning, digitize buildings to help with business continuity to create wellness-centered approach, built privacy with personally identifiable information seen by an organization. It requires no app, no software, but only WiFi networks in buildings with minimum configuration updates.

As offices and workplaces return to normalcy, companies need to deploy effective return-to-work strategies and solutions to power ahead in this new normal, focused on protecting both employees and visitors at their respective premises. Against this backdrop, Kiana Analytics—a leading provider of real-time location and predictive analytics— offers ready-to-deploy, privacy-first, cloud-based accurate proximity solutions. “We can not only identify people who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for corona virus but also identify locations in a building which need to have deep cleaning,” adds Sebastian Andreatta, Marketing, Alliances, and Co-founder of Kiana Analytics.

Kiana Analytics was recently featured in Govt CIO Outlook as one of the Top Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Solutions Providers.

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