Is Technology Reforming Policing?

Is Technology Reforming Policing?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Police reforms are now empowered with technological reforms.

FREMONT, CA: The governments from all around the world are increasingly reinforcing their reliance on technology. From data regulations to managing visitors in the lobby, almost every governmental department is delving deep into the fruit that technology has to foster. Today, the world has even more progressed, and technology has become more a quintessential ingredient in the police department. Policing is now becoming predictive. Thanks to all the advancements that are taking shape in the analytical technology.

Top 10 Law Enforcement Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019Predictive policing is backed by the expertise of predictive analytics. Sources say that the reduction in the crime rate has become the most frequent updates after the deployment of predictive policing software. Modern policing is completely driven by technology. It is indeed good news that government departments are showing a keen interest in leveraging technology to become smarter than ever. So what is this high tech policing all about? The secret is not just the goodness of predictive analytics but a lot more.

The predictive policing software solutions make use of real-time and highly impactful conceptualizations of machine learning. The artificial cognition technology plays a major role in not only excelling at its forecasting capabilities but at increasing accuracy as well. This high tech policing software makes a detailed analysis of all the past data that is fed into its algorithm. From this analysis, the system generates a report that contains information that predicts the areas which are in danger as per the past crime incidents and their frequencies.

The modern policing software is just one side of law enforcement today, as the governments are also leveraging various other technologies such as facial recognition, surveillance, among others. One of the most recent research reports says that technology is taking policing to a newer height, and predictive analytics is the chief contributor towards this transformation. Although there are a lot of pieces of evidence to prove that predictive policing reduces crime and increases the efficiency of law enforcement, there is a contrast side stating the disadvantages of this technology. All in all, technology is increasingly evolving with practical benefits.

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