Invenio Business Solutions Merges with LSI Consulting

Invenio Business Solutions Merges with LSI Consulting

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Arun Bala, CEO, Invenio

Invenio Business Solutions and LSI Consulting merge to deliver significant benefits to existing customers and drive growth globally.

FREMONT, CA: Invenio Business Solutions and LSI Consulting, the leading SAP solutions providers, merge in a move that will offer significant advantages to existing customers and drive growth internationally. Invenio is a provider of SAP enterprise platforms, and consultancy for the public industry focused on tax and revenue management and the private sector focused on media and entertainment, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. US-based LSI Consulting is a pioneering provider of SAP enterprise solutions to government, healthcare, utility, and educational institutions.

Invenio secured investment from BGF, the UK, and Irelands most active investor in 2019 to help the business continued growth. To help the merger with LSI Consulting, Invenio has now trumpeted further follow-on funding from BGF. The merger puts together two well-established, high-growth SAP deployment and consultancy partners with compatible SAP-based solutions for the public and private industries. Invenio has a stronghold in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, while LSI has a considerable position in the United States and Canada. Both firms are of similar size, with proforma revenues for the year ending 31st March 2021 expected to be north of $100 million.

The newly merged organization will act as the premier global SAP partner for the public sector. Customers will have the value from end-to-end business solutions and service portfolios to support them boost the value of their digital transformation and success in the public sector. Invenio already has a vast presence in the media, manufacturing, logistics, and pharma industries and will accelerate growth in North America.

The new business will function as a single entity while managing its respective brands. Accordingly, the Invenio Board of Chairman Geoff Neville, CEO Arun Bala, CFO Steve Coxhead, and BGF Investor Alex Snodgrass will come to CEO of LSI Steve Roach. Invenio and LSIs customers include some global public enterprises, and the world’s leading media, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical firms. The combined entity has 1,000+ employees with offices across four continents. 

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