Inpixon Partners with CXApp to Work on Multi-Technology Social...

Inpixon Partners with CXApp to Work on Multi-Technology Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Methodologies

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, August 31, 2020

Inpixon is a leading indoor data company that delivers Indoor Intelligence™ solutions, and today announced an agreement with The CXApp.

FREMONT, CA: Inpixon and The CXApp will collaborate and jointly pursue sales and marketing opportunities around the companies' respective and complimentary digital contact tracing and social distancing solutions.

Businesses face numerous workplace re-entry challenges. While organizations would ideally like to bring employees back into the office swiftly, they must balance that desire with concrete measures that help ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors. Inpixon and The CXApp can provide businesses enterprise-specific solutions to address safety within their private buildings' confines.

Social Distancing

Inpixon and the CXApp utilize synergistic social distancing approaches -- unique in methodology but common in the objective. The CXApp's Social Distancing Alerts system is a peer-to-peer approach that utilizes the smartphone as a Bluetooth beacon and a receiver to deliver real-time notifications through an app to employees they are too near one another for some time. Inpixon utilizes Wi-Fi and other radio frequency signals, develops and reports customer-defined zone health scores to management, and does not require an app installed on the phone. Inpixon reports on building zone health by evaluating factors such as occupancy level and potential crowding within a particular zone.

Contact Tracing

By analyzing wireless device locations, Inpixon's Indoor Intelligence platform can provide data to assist officials and employers in identifying which zones within an employer's premises a self-identified exposed individual may have traveled over a specified period, how long the individual may have stayed within a particular zone and proximity to others within the same zone. This same tool can also help organizations identify areas for prioritized cleaning after being notified that an exposed individual was on-premises. The CXApp utilizes its Social Distancing Alerts to securely log flagged device-to-device proximities for contact tracing purposes, without using specific location in the building as a factor. Using the two methodologies together can provide unique insights unavailable to any single solution.

Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon, has commented that it's essential for businesses to leverage their indoor data to help with social distancing, cleaning routines, and contact tracing, not only for employee safety but also for enforcing compliance with governmental guidelines or mandates. Both Inpixon and The CXApp are solution providers within Lenovo's ThinkIoT Back to Work Solutions ecosystem, and as such, they look forward to working closely with The CXApp on multiple fronts.

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