Improved Construction Productivity through Veryfi and Sonim...

Improved Construction Productivity through Veryfi and Sonim Collaboration

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Compared to other industries, the construction industry is larger with thousands of businesses interconnected in the enterprise chain. The companies vary from small businesses to sole traders. Every small construction business is facing complexity in the structural establishment and challenging project duration. Along with the digitalized options, construction companies are expected to meet their deadlines within time without any delay.

Recently, mobile software automation provider Veryfi, announced its partnership with Sonim Technologies, to help construction companies overcome several such issues and increase their productivity through unique solutions.

Veryfi is a software automation company backed by seed accelerator Y Combinator. Through the Veryfi-Sonim collaboration, a company is updated with day-to-day activities in the construction sites, including timekeeping, communication, and reporting. Veryfi is the first company to build the world’s first AI bookkeeper.

Veryfi helps in saving 90 percent of time otherwise wasted in data entry or records. With the software, a construction company can improve job costing and empower financial prosperity. Veryfi helps the businesses to ensure data security, leverage AI automation and field intelligence.

Sonim Technologies builds smartphones designed specifically for workers under isolated environments. Sonim is the only manufacturer to produce mission-critical smartphones. The Sonim technology smartphone comes up with collective designs in order to increase the productivity of the worker, accountability, and safety in the workplace.

With the collaboration of Veryfi and Sonim Technologies, the customers have realized that, it helps in allowing and controlling communications. According to Sonim’s CEO Bob Plaschke, “The construction industry puts any device to the ultimate test in the field that’s why we developed our XP product family to meet the toughest specifications while integrating with any Android-based business applications. We’re excited to see how Veryfi’s customers will benefit from this new solution.”

With such advancements, one can easily reduce mishaps at construction sites. Sonim’s smartphones along with Veryfi will improve the productivity and efficiency for construction organizations and enable them to stay smart.

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