How Will Government Benefit by Connecting All Data Sources?

How Will Government Benefit by Connecting All Data Sources?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 14, 2019

Examination for cyberattacks, data breaches, and more becomes intricate when data sources are linked to one platform.

FREMONT, CA: The data sources will be in silos, fragmented, or different databases or intelligence tools in any operation center. To get a meaningful insight, analysts had to compile and manually package these data. Today's data, however, is massive, making the task harder. But to retain performance, the analysts are managing the data. Some valuable pieces of information are lost in this process that could constitute an essential part of national security goals. When it comes to investigations, the same problem arises with the private sector because they utilize investigative techniques in different aspects of a business.

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Private sectors examine different data sets, including external and internal feeds, like threat intelligence for cyberattacks, data violations, forgery and financial crimes, physical security issues, and more. Organizations have too many data feeds and have difficulties in combining them on a single platform. This can be solved quickly by placing all the data in a spreadsheet and seeking an alternate way of connecting and viewing the APIs. The data-agnostic system simplifies the processing of data in real-time and provides a framework for detecting specific threats.

While external data sets can be linked quickly using APIs or other methods, linking internal sources such as spreadsheets or servers to various schemes and formats is difficult. Thus, private organizations, for multiple sources and feeds, undertake linkage analysis to investigate threats. Technology has recently designed the way for organizations, in their link analysis tools, to join all intelligence sources. This technology has enormous potential in the process of research and intelligence, as it alters the way analysts investigate threats. This technology consists of a considerable amount of information to be analyzed and the time needed to study the data even though this is merely collected and cleaned. This also provides opportunities for data exchange with other departments and even external analysts.

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