How to Prepare for IoT

How to Prepare for IoT

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More and more industries are connecting their assets and operations to the internet today. This explosion has a huge impact in accelerating the use of internet of things(IoT) devices and data. Organizations should be ready with necessary infrastructure and strategies to match with IoT cultivating. To ensure successful deployment organizations have to embrace new network design infrastructures, developing a reliable framework supporting collaborative work process etc. When looking at IoT implementation it is recommended to examine the following areas for benefits.

1. Assess the assets, process, data collection, analytics, and the ability to predict and detect opportunities and issues. For example, examining the potential of cameras, sensors and other instrumentations.

2. Using machine learning, big data, and other automation technologies for creating a system that can consistently capture, analyze and transmit data for operation management.

3. Employing technologies that can connect data from varied sources for decision making. It can be software that can provide high fidelity data to any place, any time.

4. Employ cloud-based applications which will help to facilitate real-time decision making and long-term data tracking.

5. Redefine teamwork using IoT advantages also is important. That is sharing data in operations, maintenance, system reliability, supply chain management etc.

6. Staying flexible with new updates also is important to expertise in industrial automation, process data, and control related issues in the industry.

Integrating new technologies into the present environment can bring in challenges. But it is important to enable the IoT initiatives at many industrial levels. One of the challenges they face is the lack of connectivity built into legacy machines. Companies are now adding stand-alone sensors and cameras to existing devices to monitor and collect data about performance when analyzed can be used to accelerate various areas of the business reducing failure and downtime.

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