How to Keep a Password Safe?

How to Keep a Password Safe?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, December 06, 2019

A password is an essential element to keep personal information protected. Every account is protected by a password or a PIN of some kind.

Fremont, CA: Memorizing PINs and passwords is very important to maintain privacy and keep accounts fully protected. One of the most potential problems for anyone who uses a computer or high-tech devices like smartphones or tablets is unauthorized access. The aftermath of these break-ins can lead to victims' loss of valuable data like presentations, music, and emails. Even the victims' bank account information, money, or their identity might also be stolen. Even though the government has reversed its strict recommendations for user passwords, many services still demand a unique and complex password to ensure th security of the password.

Getting Rid of Passwords

It is a common belief that passwords ensure the safety of personal information. Still, the truth is that they do not secure the public from hackers or maintain the privacy of online information. Opposed to all the new technological innovations like iPhones, online banking and shopping, smart TVs, and Google passwords and usernames, the most common security mechanisms still in use were invented in 1963, over half a century ago. Fernando Corbato, the inventor of the computer password, stated that with the World Wide Web, passwords have become like a nightmare.

According to Michael Chertoff, to date, the password is the weakest link in cybersecurity; the government can pressurize both the industry and agencies to adopt stronger solutions to secure the password by making their replacement a national priority.Top Government Tech Consulting/Services Startups

The Biggest Password Mistakes

Some of the most prominent password mistakes people make but should be avoided at all costs are:

Frequent password changing is counterproductive, as people tend to change one password for another frequently used one.

The password should be smart but straightforward at the same time.

According to the government recommendation, the password must be compared against the list of the commonly used or compromised ones. Websites like and offers these password screening tools.

Remembering the passwords on a device is not safe; one should never use the "save" or "remember me" options on a public computer.

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