How Technology is Reshaping the Public Sector

How Technology is Reshaping the Public Sector

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Public sector enterprises are adopting new technologies to increase efficiency and transform the methods in which it offers service to the citizens.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is one of the most significant components that can be used for improving and transforming public opinion. Therefore, the government and the public sector CIOs have started to apply modern technologies to digitally transform the methods in which public goods and services are maintained, enhanced, and rendered. 

The public sector companies have also started implementing technologies like blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, like the private sector companies. They are continuously trying to improve how they can decrease the expenditure for services and facilities, enhance social, technological, environmental, and economic outcomes. Top 10 Govt Tech Startups - 2020

Here are some of the technological trends that can help the public sector CIOs achieve their development goal. 

Facilitating Citizen Engagement  

Public sector CIOs must consider engaging the citizens so that they can enhance the facilities and services. They have to make sure that citizens can contact them without paying a visit to their office or making an appointment. Offering flexibility with self-service portals will assist public sector organizations (PSOs) in involving the citizens so that they can improve the quality of the service. 

The PSOs can use custom software development services so that the citizens can be informed about their rights and abilities through which they can contribute to building smart cities. 

Location Intelligence

The information and insights generated from the geospatial data are known as location intelligence (LI). This technology can be utilized for visualizing spatial data to recognize the trends and relationships and obtain actionable information. For instance, the law enforcement team will have the power to visualize and take measures about criminal activities worldwide. It can track the frequency, similarity, and seriousness of the crime in that location. LI will also help them forecast the areas where the crime rates are high and allocate security for public safety. 

XaaS as an alternative of Legacy Modernization 

Anything as a Service (XaaS) consists of products, technologies, and tools that can be delivered in an enterprise as a service with the help of the internet. It involves a wide range of IT services that are offered through subscription. Public sector companies can utilize the XaaS model as a substitute to legacy modernization and decrease the time to provide advanced digital government service.

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