How Technology Is Driving Citizen Engagement

How Technology Is Driving Citizen Engagement

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 12, 2022

Citizen Involvement and engagement Is a two-way street, and many government agencies at all levels are now prioritizing citizen engagement and for a good cause.

Fremont, CA: The management of a city or county—large or small—involves a plethora of moving elements, including infrastructure, public transit, parks and buildings, and much more. Managing all of these vital responsibilities is difficult, but ensuring the citizens live in a secure, comfortable, and efficiently run city or county is a priority.

Citizens serve as the eyes and ears of their city or county, frequently identifying problems faster than municipal or county officials. Their feedback is critical in determining which modifications to make in order to avoid difficulties and promote growth and prosperity. Taking citizen involvement to the next level requires establishing tools and technology that enable this two-way street to flourish.

Governments cannot afford to avoid the adoption of new technology

Few government agencies are fully utilizing cutting-edge technology or maximizing the value of social media interactions. Historically, upgrading technology was neither simple nor cost-effective. Maintaining contact with citizens on the platforms where they spend the majority of their time is difficult, much alone executing. It's difficult to justify new technology in the face of declining income, budget cuts, and other obstacles. At the same time, leaders recognize that they cannot ignore it in order to compete.

The good news is that governments now have numerous choices for modernizing technology that did not exist previously. Without a substantial investment in new gear or software, governments can now implement cloud-based, integrated solutions, which is a powerful technology that will enable authorities to communicate with the citizens on a whole new level.

Moreover, Cloud-based solutions are critical enablers of urbanization and the future of citizen participation. Integrating the technology and data enables government authorities to deliver a frictionless experience to their community and employees across all departments and offices.

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