How Technology is Benefitting Election Campaigns

How Technology is Benefitting Election Campaigns

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 27, 2020

The political parties are using technologies like big data and machine learning during election so that they can influence the citizens to vote for their candidate.

FREMONT, CA: During elections, the citizens of a country have the right to select their next government who will govern their nation. Every political party conducts massive campaigning activities during elections. Furthermore, the voters also have their ideologies and expectations that they want their candidates to fulfill. 

However, the main aim of the political parties is to influence the citizens to vote for their respective candidates. Traditionally the accomplish this objective the politicians used to meet the voters in person, public rallies, through mass media advertising, and social media campaigns. Throughout modern history, the politicians followed these methods to appeal to the voters so that they elect them. Top 10 Election and Campaign Management Solution Companies - 2020

In recent times, there has been a drastic change in the process due to technology. The politicians are now more dependent on technological advancements, such as analyzing with Big Data, as it will help them connect and engage better with the voters. Many Presidents have already used Big Data Analytics to increase the effectiveness of the email campaign. Such technologies also make it easier for them to raise funds that are necessary for campaigning. 

Along with Big Data, other technologies have made an immense impact on election campaigns like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Election with AI and Machine Learning 

AI and machine learning can be utilized to engage the voters in the election campaigns so that they become more informed about the country's significant political issues. Furthermore, based on statistical techniques, it is easy for machine learning algorithms to recognize the different patterns in data automatically. The campaign can develop unique psychographic and behavioral user profiles by analyzing the voters' online behaviors, which consists of relationships, social media patterns, and data consumption patterns. Therefore, the politicians can send the targeted advertisement to the voters based on their psychology as it will help them to convince the citizens to vote for the party. 

Besides intelligent algorithms, the political parties can also use autonomous bots to spread information on a broader scale. The bots are automated programs that can be programmed to operate specific tasks on the internet. Moreover, they can also use bots to identify fake news and misinformation. Whenever they detect fake news, they can quickly notify the citizens that the information is not correct. This process will not only stop the spread of fake news, but it will also increase the citizens' trust, which will ultimately increase the chances of the politician to win the election.

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