How Robots Impact Voting Behavior During Elections

How Robots Impact Voting Behavior During Elections

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, September 07, 2020

Increasingly, political actors are using robots and AI to support election and campaign management and increase public participation.

FREMONT, CA: Technological progress has created prosperity for mankind at large. A debate that is still hot is the use of technology, especially robotics, in election and campaign management. There are several reasons to use robots in an election. Experts believe that robots are imperative to control the narrative during political debates and mold their discourse. However, to what extent the automated AI-driven bots can manipulate election campaigns and what kind of influence they have on public opinion and outcomes is still not clear. Read on to know more about it.

Top 10 Election and Campaign Management Solution Companies - 2020The continuous use of political bots to spread propaganda and fake news on social media cannot be ruled out. These bots are autonomous accounts programmed to spread political messages to create a false notion of public support rallying around a candidate. This is a tactic which attempts to shape the public discourse and distort political sentiment. Typically disguised as ordinary human accounts, these bots are responsible for spreading information and contributing to a political climate on social media sites. These bots regularly infiltrate the online spaces used by campaigners to disseminate the highly automated content, generating much of the traffic.

In addition to shaping the online debate, robots can also be used to target and manipulate individual voters. During the election, the data-analytics firm usually roll out an extensive advertising campaign that targeted persuadable voters based on their psychology. This highly sophisticated micro-targeting operation uses big data and machine learning that influences people’s emotions and triggers the fire to the data privacy debate. The same AI algorithms and bots which are used to mislead, misinform and confuse voters can be used to support democracy and increase public participation. An ethical approach to AI is the need of the hour.

The usage of AI techniques like robotics, ML, and deep learning to tide the electoral in politics is not going to fade anytime soon. It is simply too valuable to politicians and their campaigns. However, to push the ethics of democracy, politicians must commit to using AI as judiciously as possible to make sure that their attempts to sway voters do not undermine democracy as a whole.

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