How Machine Learning is Beneficial to the Police Departments?

How Machine Learning is Beneficial to the Police Departments?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Computers are primarily devices that follow instructions, but machine learning brings in an interesting outlook.

FREMONT, CA: It is important to understand the basic nature of machines like computers in order to understand what machine learning is. Computers are devices that follow instructions, and machine learning brings in an interesting outlook, where a computer can learn from the experience without the need for programming. Machine learning transports computers to another level where they can learn intuitively in a similar manner as humans. It has several applications, including virtual assistants, predictive traffic systems, surveillance systems, face recognition, spam, malware filtering, fraud detection, and so on. 

Top 10 Law Enforcement Solution Companies - 2020The police can utilize machine learning effectively to resolve the challenges that they face. Machine learning helps in predictive policing, where they can prevent crimes and improve public safety. Here a few ways how the police can leverage machine learning to achieve better results.

Pattern recognition

One of the most robust applications of machine learning in policing is in the field of pattern recognition. Crimes can be related and might either be done by the same person or use the same modus operandi. The police can gain an advantage if they can spot the patterns in crimes. The data that the police gather from crimes is essentially unstructured. This data must be organized and sifted through to find the patterns.

Machine learning can help do achieve this easily. Machine learning tools can compare numerous crimes easily and generate a likewise score. The software can then utilize these scores to try and determine if there are common patterns. The New York Police Department is implementing this. The tool has been utilized to crack cases effectively.


Cybersecurity is a vital area in today’s world. With the extensive usage of the internet everywhere, cybercriminals are targeting computer systems around the globe. Cybersecurity is critical not for solving cases but to prevent them from very proactively. Cybersecurity can be enhanced with the use of machine learning. Tools that use machine learning can better cybersecurity and proactively prevent crimes.

Predictive analytics

Another area related to machine learning, which can help police is predictive analytics. This is a powerful application of machine learning that the police can leverage to achieve substantial results. A tool that has predictive analytics features utilizes machine learning to help the police in improving public safety. These tools focus on crime trends and are thus beneficial. When these trends are spotted, the law can proactively take action.

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