How Is Technology Changing the Face of Public Safety

How Is Technology Changing the Face of Public Safety

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Researchers discovered that public safety organizations are using these technologies more quickly to address emerging dangers.

Fremont, CA: The vast majority of people polled throughout the globe expressed a desire to see public safety improved by applying cutting-edge technology, including video cameras, data analytics, and other tools.

According to global research, the pandemic has altered people's perceptions of what it means to be safe, and it has sped up the acceptance and use of public safety technologies.

Public safety and general public leaders are more prepared than ever to accept technology. The vast majority of respondents—88%—said they wanted to improve public safety by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like video cameras, analytics, cloud-based software, and more. The study cites three significant patterns that show a turning point in how people and businesses see technology and safety:


The widespread epidemic altered how people feel and think about safety and what they expect from those who offer it. In fact, according to 68% of those polled, the pandemic has raised the demand for safety technology, and 71% believe that cutting-edge technologies are necessary to handle the problems of the current world.

In this sense, the pandemic presented a setting where agencies could show the possibilities of cutting-edge technologies to a receptive and involved public.


Long before COVID-19, many public safety organizations used digital technology to modernize their operations, including improved safety and efficiency, data security, and even more flexible and interconnected systems.

However, researchers discovered that as a result of the pandemic, agencies are changing how they use cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, video cameras, and vital communications systems. Researchers also discovered that public safety organizations are using these technologies more quickly to address emerging dangers.


This study shows that while people want the government to utilize technology to improve public safety, they also want it done transparent, equitable, and inclusive. Therefore, to foster community accountability, openness, and trust, the general public must acknowledge the advantages of employing these technologies.

Additionally, agencies must ensure they have adequate data security safeguards and teach their staff how to utilize new technology properly. For instance, the Boston Police Department claims that effective internal communication regarding the technology's benefits and intended usage was a crucial success factor in the rollout of broadband push-to-talk. Therefore, before implementing new technology, the department attempts to give training and convey regulations so that its personnel has a thorough grasp of how the tools may get utilized to their best advantage.

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