How is GovTech Providing Best Solutions for the People?

How is GovTech Providing Best Solutions for the People?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Weak capacity in developing countries leads to a decline in fiscal space, procurement inefficiencies, and poor service delivery despite having governments that are trying to reduce poverty and promote growth. The citizens' expectations from the government to provide services that are at par with the services offered by the private sector are increasing forever.

FREMONT, CA: Technology possesses the power to augment government efficiency, transparency, responsiveness, and citizen trust. But the capacity to utilize technology for public sector transformation is not equal and is typically weak in developing countries. In order to ensure that the public sector keeps up and makes the most of the technology, the World Bank Group has launched the GovTech initiative in 2019.

GovTech is a whole-of-government approach to digitally transform to promote simple, accessible, and efficient government. It primarily aims to encourage the use of technology to transform the public sector, increase efficiency, transparency, and accountability, and improve service delivery to citizens and businesses. The GovTech acts like a pillar of the Digital Economy Framework, offering the required technology to foster economic growth, boost shared prosperity, and reduce poverty.

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GovTech Goals and Approach

The private sector is utilizing data and disruptive technologies to actively personalize consumer experiences, accelerate service delivery, and lower cost. Hence GovTech is an initiative to support client countries, meet citizen demands, and provide opportunities for economic growth.

Another focus area of GovTech is citizen engagement, which helps to establish citizen trust, increase participation, and foster transparency and accountability. With the help of technology, real-time communication between citizens and the government can be enabled. Social media platforms, SMS, online petition platforms, and other tools are broadcasting the issues that are important to the citizens, and even the government is hearing that and responding more effectively.

The final and last dimension of GovTech is to deliver the machinery of government into the 21st century. Technology and AI possess the potential to transform the efficiency of core government functions, inclusive of financial management. Human resource management, procurement, domestic resource mobilization, and monitoring and evaluating systems.

The all-inclusive nature of GovTech can govern digital governance in the right direction and develop relevant facilities for the citizens and tend to all their problems with an apt solution.

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