How is Artificial Intelligence Providing the Best Security Options?

How is Artificial Intelligence Providing the Best Security Options?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI), being the most adopted technology, will make it easier to deliver services that keep people safe.

Fremont, CA: Artificial intelligence is establishing a new frontline in security. The systems that can independently learn, act, and reason will replicate human behavior. Incorporating AI for serving and solving the users' problems will shift from merely protecting the property to proactively ensuring the customers' well-being. Now partnerships can be established with other industries like healthcare, which adds a range of services to what is already offered. With nearly 100 million sensors, cameras, and other devices deployed to collect data all around the country, there is a wealth of information at the fingertips. AI enables users to anticipate the wishes of the customers better.

AI has the potential to broaden the definition of security. It is a series of data-analysis programs, which can be applied to the video and other information that the devices are capturing. Leveraging AI programs to analyze the information collected, new services can be offered while ensuring the safety of the customer. For instance, a camera capable of recording a break-in can also spot a suspicious character in the doorstep and alert the people living inside the house. With the capabilities offered by AI, a camera can discern the difference between a harmless deer and a dangerous intruder.

If the data collected is utilized in providing proactive alerts and tips about security, then a break in the house can be avoided. AI can differentiate between a routine and a variation, and alert the customer. In cases of elder care, it can save a life while allowing independent living.

Sensors and cameras can provide valuable information, to an individual as well as the whole industry, with AI's collection and analysis of data, the devices which are already in the field helps in detecting things like changes to temperature, humidity, or electricity use patterns.

Information's as such can either be a boon to the property management business or be a game-changer to eh healthcare industry. The devices on capturing the data required to make these things happen to make it easier for the users as they have to interpret the data and make it useful.

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