How is Artificial Intelligence Allowing the Defense Sector to...

How is Artificial Intelligence Allowing the Defense Sector to Improve its Potential?

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 27, 2022

AI is increasingly being utilized in the defense sector to boost military capabilities, and they harness AI's potential to mitigate risks and defend against emerging threats.

FREMONT, CA: The intelligence collectors of America are leveraging AI to scan the news for dangerous developments, transmit alerts to the ships about the rapidly changing conditions, and enhance the NSA's regulatory compliance efforts. Hence putting AI to its broadest use in the defense will mean hardening it against the attacks. People like analysts, policymakers, and leaders who use AI should understand how advanced AI systems reach their conclusions. National intelligence is moving forward in the direction to put AI into practice at different points throughout the US intelligence community.

AI is performing a role that human readers and translators were supposed to carry out in the Intelligence Community's Open Source Enterprise, by combining global news articles to monitor trends, geopolitical developments, and potential crisis in real-time. By using technology tools and tradecraft, they are keeping the pace.

AI additionally helps the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, or NGA, to inform the sailors and marines in the world about new threats, such as pirates, or new navigation information that can change the naval charts. It is an amalgamation of open source and classified information that requires an accurate and entirely and correctly provides timely notice to marines. Techniques such as natural language processing and other AI tools are used to lessen the timelines reporting, and increase the volume of data.

NSA has adopted AI to understand and see patterns in a better way in the vast amount of signals intelligence data it collects, checking for anomalies in the web traffic patterns or different data that can portend an attack. They are also embracing AI to be certain that they are following the rules and guidelines that govern the ways that NSA collects intelligence on foreign targets. But the technicians at NSA realized that audited queries could be used to train AI to cut-short the paperwork. The main goal is not to replace human oversight but to enhance it. In the future, AI is expected to ease analysts' burdens offering instantaneous machine translation and speech recognition, which enables the analysts to pour through various types of collected data.

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