How IoT is Driving Better Lifestyle in a Smart City

How IoT is Driving Better Lifestyle in a Smart City

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 01, 2019

Today, IoT is the fundamental technology behind the smart city, IoT is a network of physically connected devices, like vehicles or home appliances that enable these ‘things’ to connect and exchange data. Then data analytics is used to create never-before-seen opportunities from this data to improve efficiency both in public and private sectors.


Traffic: Monitoring traffic through smart traffic lights that collect data on high congestion times to ease congestion and enable citizens to plan their travel journeys better.

Traffic and carbon emissions can be reduced by Car-sharing and ride-sharing services.

Reducing pollution: Air pollution is a major issue in urban areas. By monitoring the quality of the air and measuring the level of pollutants regularly, we can gather information that can be used to take action and reduce pollution sources. This information can help governments make proper decisions on how to improve the environment.

Energy saving: Human traffic can be monitored by smart connected devices installed in buildings to optimize energy saving.

Smarter and Safer

Smart streetlights let cities remotely adjust lighting to make streets safer, while significantly reducing power consumption and maintenance costs. Deep Video surveillance offers cities better insight into vehicle and pedestrian traffic and helps deter crime. 

Public Health

City authorities will have information about exactly how many medical products are in inventories across the city. In case of contagious disease breaks out, public health officials can be instantly alerted by hospitals that are also hooked onto the network. With a better inventory of medicines dispersed across a city, public health officials will always be prepared to tackle high priority situations. 

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