How Government can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

How Government can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

AI technology can be used by the government to learn from historical data, analyze new inputs to perform human tasks, such as pattern recognition from data, image and video analytics which human analytics can miss due to large scale and complexity of data with exponential speed.

Machine learning

Machine learning and deep learning can find insights hidden in data without necessarily being programmed where to look or what to find which results in better, faster and more accurate decision-making capabilities.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is used to improve understanding and interaction between humans and machines, automatically extracting new emerging trends from large amounts of structured and unstructured data which can result in the discovery of various drawbacks and solutions.

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Computer vision

Computer vision analyzes and interprets what’s in an image or video through image processing, image recognition and object detection which helps significantly for proper surveillance of cities.

Smart cities

AI with tools like machine learning and big data analytics can help improve lifestyle of citizens by optimizing traffic conditions, reducing pollution, energy saving and energy generation, safety and privacy, improving public health, enhancing agricultural outcomes, smart transportation, infrastructure optimization, smart homes, instant emergency solutions, natural resources management and accurate weather are among the many factors government can use AI for enhancing life quality of citizens.


AI can be used to do financial analysis from multiple transaction mediums for taxation purposes. This will curb tax evasion or double taxation.

Suspicious financial activity

The government can use AI to detect irregular financial activities like money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud to promote peace in society effectively.

Mission Critical Solutions

AI-powered drones can be used for surveying areas during natural disasters. These drones can work independently and more efficiently by automatically choosing the most efficient flight path to avoid obstacles or lousy weather.


AI in transportation ensures safe, efficient, and reliable transportation and also minimizing the impact on the environment. AI- enabled Self-driving vehicles can help reduce accidents, transportation time, automated garbage collection, ambulance, and fire fighting services.

AI has been deployed by government to improve security and healthcare by classifying emergency calls based on emergency, preventing spread of epidemics, adjudicating bail hearings, social media monitoring for public safety, policies and emergency situations, road maintenance requirements, personalized education, assisting defense, translating and drafting government data are a few among the many other benefits.

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