How Effective is Citizen Relationship Management For Rural...

How Effective is Citizen Relationship Management For Rural Municipalities?

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 11, 2020

Digital opportunities, from its initial stage onwards, are meant to be a massive game-changer for every industry.  Identifying and implementing the right digital technology partners helps people to improve service delivery, operational efficiencies, and engagement with residents of any country.

FREMONT, CA: Customer relation management (CRM) software permits the municipalities to run internal and external relationships and the data connected with those interactions. Municipalities in Ontario have considered implementing combining CRM technology to develop and manage rural residents.

Implementing the right CRM technology allows citizens to submit 3-1-1 requests, track the case submission from initial to the final stage, and access a wealth of other features so that they know their municipality is serving their basic needs. CRM technology enhances and improves internal administration and operations across all municipal departments aiding the municipalities in finding efficiencies and cost savings.

Top 10 Citizen Relationship Tech Solution Companies - 2018Finding the right technology and partner to work with would be a challenge. CRM software systems can be of the high cost. The vendor community offers several potential and similar solutions to improve digital technology for residents.

This is where AMO Digital CRM Steering Committee pops up. They are a bunch of advised staff from the municipal sector representing the administration and IT field and systems that helped to scope out the work, build the needs, and permit the insights on how to implement and combine effective CRM into existing municipal software systems. Finding the right CRM is very crucial as they had to identify a solution that is scalable to smaller municipalities that is affordable, easy to use, and steered by municipal staff and citizens.

The committee had to take a year to know the community's interest in CRM. They had to approach the vendor community with an RFI, and to know about the technology they preferred was available, proceed to a formal RFP process.

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